Weird and Wonderful a feature-length documentary that tells the story of the rise and fight of the disability rights movement from the late 1960s until today. Why did people with disabilities rise up and start complaining about their lot?  Who were the leaders of this rights movement and how did they get this message out?

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Why is this story so unique

Disability rights is possibly the last minority revolution following on from the women’s movement, the civil rights movement in the US, the indigenous rights movements in countries like Australia and the gay right movement.

Unlike other rights movements, it’s one that any of us can join at any time by virtue of accident or illness, and yet so far this story has barely be seen as worthy of attention… certainly never in Australia.  This film tells the story of a group of revolutionaries you’ve never heard of who literally changed the world.

Latest update:

Filmmaker Sarah Barton has been working on this documentary for more than five years and is now in the editing phase with editor Rob Murphy.  In 2013 we raised more than $25,000 from crowd funding via Pozible.com which has enabled us to do a full length edit of the film.  We are now tracking down archival material for the film and welcome information from anyone who has film, video or still images of any of the key events and people who were part of this rights movement in Australia, America or England.  The film is due for completion in 2014